Buttock augmentation has undergone some major improvements in the last years. In the past, buttock augmentation consisted mainly of placing a breast implant in the buttock area. Unfortunately, those implants were made of liquid silicone and the shell was too thin, sometimes causing capsular contracture and sometimes causing rupture of the implants. Subsequently, semi-solid implants were used; however, when placed right underneath the skin they resulted in areas of irregularities and depression.
The next wave of procedures consisted of placing the implant underneath the muscle. Unfortunately with this placement, two things might happen. The implant usually ended up too high and did not correct the deformity. The other problems with placement of the implant underneath the muscle were paresthesia and pressure on the sciatic nerve causing symptoms of pain and weakness in the legs.
We are now in the latest phase of improvement with the technique of buttock augmentation. At this point, the implants are placed underneath the fascia of the muscle. The pocket is developed and the implant will be covered by the fascia. By placing the implant underneath the fascia, we have protected the skin and the subcutaneous tissue and the fat, avoiding irregularities. We have placed the implant deep enough that it will get well incorporated. It is also felt that the muscle will be massaging the implant, and would give us an ultimately softer feel to the buttock.
Sizers are available in the office to give us an idea of which size we need. A decision will then be made in the office about whether liposuction of the lower back, flanks or thighs is also indicated. The other technique of buttock augmentation consists of fat injection into the buttocks. We do not offer this as a sole technique for buttock enhancement unless the amount required is moderate and there is enough fat available for harvesting. We might sometimes use it as an adjunct to correct any depression or deformity.

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