Thigh Lift
Thigh lift is a procedure aimed at correcting a multitude of problems in the inner thighs; the fat deposits, the skin laxity, the thinness of the skin, the hyper-pigmentation and the stretch marks.

Even when the excess weight is lost, the upper thighs are not attractive, and the problems with the skin laxity and skin rubbing are a source of distress. Bathing suits are avoided.

To correct this condition, a good preoperative evaluation and careful marking of the skin incisions are required. The skin of the inner thigh is elevated from an incision at the junction of the thigh and groin and resected as marked before the surgery. The closure of the skin is very crucial. It is done in a special way to produce lasting results and prevent downward scar migration and distortion of the vulva. Sometimes the skin excess is so significant that a vertical incision is necessary.

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