‘I needed a surgeon who could help me feel good about myself again and look at myself in the mirror again. Dr. Makhlouf did just that and more.’
‘After meeting with Dr. Makhlouf for the first time he overwhelmed me. He’s so into his work. He’s comfortable, reliable, and trustworthy and he cares about his patients. I refer him to anyone.’

‘I liked the professional and discreet way the entire procedure was handled – that helped me make my decision with complete confidence.’


‘I would like to thank Dr. Makhlouf for taking good care of me and doing a great job. I would also like to congratulate him on having chosen such a wonderful staff.’

‘Dr. Makhlouf went the extra mile to fully understand what I was feeling and what I was asking him to do. By taking a picture of my first reconstruction and blowing the picture up he pointed out the things he felt I was trying to explain to him – he hit all areas…. That’s dedication.’

‘I was most impressed with the caring attitude the doctor gave my husband while I was recovering just after surgery. He had never met the doctor and was very leery of the procedure. Dr. Makhlouf came and sat with him and explained how everything went. This effort very much eased my husband’s mind. This is why I have told all my friends, family and coworkers to go to Dr. Makhlouf.’

‘Thank you very much for your professional job and for your thoughtfulness. I wake up every morning with joy feeling much, much better. I feel more natural and more like myself. Now I live in Florida but if I wanted plastic surgery I would come to you because I trust you.’

‘For sixteen months I have dieted, sweated by exercising five to seven hours a week, worked out with a trainer two hours a week and kept a journal recording my food intake, exercise and personal feelings. I knew the scale indicated that I had lost a hundred pounds, yet I stood in front of the mirror and still saw the morbidly obese three hundred pound torso of fat and flab staring back at me. Other than making the decision to lose the weight and improve my health, having you do my extended abdominoplasty was the smartest decision I could have made. I can now look in the mirror and see a body that I can live in, and I can actually have pride in what I have accomplished. I am amazed with the way I look and find total satisfaction with all that you did for me. I am really glad that I thouroughly investigated my options and consulted with other physicians.  I know that I made the right choice selecting you to perform my surgery. Although I had confidence in your ability, the results far outweighed my expectations. You will never know how much this has meant to me.  I want to thank you for giving me a body that looks as good as I feel!’

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