I look at your first visit to the office as a most important one. There are special goals that have to be met during this crucial interaction, and the answers to many questions have to emerge.

What procedure is appropriate for me?
Is this the physician I would like to have?
Can I afford this procedure?
Is this the best time in my life to have it done?

In order to help you address these questions, I will carefully listen to your interests and will ask you questions to help you and me clarify the goals you wish to achieve. I will also ask you questions about your health and examine you. On the basis of this information, I will formulate a recommendation. If it involves a surgical procedure, I will discuss in detail the surgical plan, its limitations, the risks and complications, and the social and work issues that surround the specific surgical procedure.

You will also have a chance to review the financial aspects of the surgery and you will be given a written quote of the various costs (facility, surgeon, anesthesia, implants, etc.). During your visit you also will have a chance to meet the staff who help me ensure that my patients receive the best quality care .

If you are considering some form of financing for your surgical procedure you can check with one of our financing companies.  Click on the Care Credit icon.  Your information will be processed in secure and private manner.  Other financing companies are also available.    


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